Why Learn Swift Programming Language?

Why Learn Swift Programming Language

If you have been a part of the IT sector, especially software development, you might have thought to yourself, is investing time and efforts in learning Swift programming language worth it? Or why learn Swift programming? The demand for this programming language has increased rapidly in the last few years. Though there are online tutorials available to learn and understand it, the best way to get started is by enrolling on a short-term training course that lets you understand different aspects of Swift language precisely and clearly.

Just like its predecessor Objective-C, Swift is a part of the native programming languages of Apple. When it comes to employment opportunities for Swift developers, they are high. Once you have earned an additional certification, you can be assured of finding a promising job.

What is Swift?

It is an open-source programming language designed for creating applications and programs for the Apple store. It is backed by a strong community of iOS programmers and developers that continuously work to improve the native development of this language.

The Swift language was introduced to the world at Apple’s annual developer conference in the year 2014. Chris Lattner, a former senior director, created it. The objective was to provide more flexible, adaptable, and faster language compared to Objective – C.

Is the decision to register for Swift programming worth it in 2022?

As time passed by, the demand for Apple products increased too. Learning Swift in 2022 is worth an investment in your career you will cherish for years to come. It is one of the most popular and in-demand languages companies employers seek. The language is easy to understand. Additionally, it is the only programming language with an integrated development environment designed and developed for iOS development.

Reasons to Learn Swift

Swift has emerged as one of the most preferred programming languages recently. It is dedicated to iOS development. It offers a wide range of development tools perfect for developing mobile apps. Listed below are some of the best reasons to learn Swift programming language.

It is Approachable

Do you think coding language comes naturally? No, it does not. To turn your ideas into reality, you must learn the languages you require. It is one of the main reasons Apple made such a range of learning resources available, including the Swift Playgrounds app that helps you learn and understand the concepts behind the language.

Learning Swift Is Easy

Someone who wants to learn Swift needs not worry at all because it is an easy-to-understand and use language. In simple terms, you can start building apps much faster than you can when learning any other development language or platform. According to some experts, you can start building new apps in just three to four months.

It is Enterprise Ready

Swift is open-source, so you can use its code on Android and Linux (the company provides pre-built Ubuntu binaries). It is great for developers who create server or client solutions. You can start learning Swift on a browser on any platform, using IBM Swift Sandbox and hosting and designing and developing your Swift server-side apps with IBM Bluemix. IBM has said – “Swift is now ready for the enterprise.”

It is Fast

Professionals claim that code created using Swift language is as fast and quick as compiled C code. The language has been designed and developed in such a way as to make tedious tasks like entering semi-colons in line breaks more responsive. As per Apple, search algorithms complete up to 8.4 times faster than Python and 2.6 times faster than Objective-C. Swift is an efficient and fast programming language that can be seamlessly integrated into Objective-C code and provides feedback in real-time.

It is the Future of the Apple Development

Though it might sound a little facetious, Apple is considered the biggest company in the world. Thus, it makes complete sense to use the development platforms it chooses and prefers. Since the day the Apple store was launched, the company has handed over $16 billion to developers in the United States alone. The success rate is appreciated and thus supporting this platform, especially iOS. However, others like watchOS, macOS, carOS and tvOS cannot be ignored as well.

Safe to Use

Security is the main priority of the Swift team. When you use Swift, you will not come across any unsafe code and use programming conventions to keep watertight security in your apps. In the virtual world, the security of data is a must. And Swift offers exactly that.

Swift is Familiar

When you start using Swift, you will realise it is not only easy but also familiar. Apple worked really hard to ensure that learning Swift is easy. It is one of the main reasons why it dispenses with some of the disappointment of other programming languages. It continues using the elements that work. Those who have developed software apps and products previously will understand that the concepts and syntax of Swift resemble closely to the languages you have used.

It is Open Source

The decision of Apple to make Swift open source has accelerated the development and adoption of this language. In March 2017, it became of the ten most popular programming languages in the world. As assessed by the PYPL – Popularity of Programming Languages tracker, it is also among the ten languages.

You have the Freedom to Experiment.

Apple offers Swift playgrounds and also has built a “playground” mode inside the Swift programming language. This playground can be used for working on app ideas, and because it is sequestered from the actual app, it is easy to create the ideas that work and abandon ones that do not work.

These are some of the many reasons why learn Swift programming language. Online Training Master is one of the leading institutes providing training to aspiring Swift developers and programmers. The training is designed to help candidates understand Swift language in an easy way. Enrol with us and get job-ready within a few months.

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