What Is White Box Testing


The world of software testing has evolved over the decades. There are different types of software testing techniques and methods to ensure that the final product is free from all types of code errors, technical glitches and bugs. The team of software tester works hard to rid of the issues that surface during the software development process. White Box testing is an inevitable part of testing the software application. In this type of technique, the tester has knowledge of the internal code structure. 

When it comes to white box testing, it deals with the internal structure and logic of the code. It is also known as clear box testing, structural box testing, glass box testing and open box testing. The test cases written based on the whitebox testing strategy include coverage of the code written, statement, paths, the internal logic of the code and branches, etc.

The implementation of white box testing is not easy. The software tester who performs this type of testing has to deal with the code and thus is required to have the knowledge and understanding of the logic and code that is internal working of the code. Also, whitebox testing requires the tester to look into the code and identify which chunk/ unit/ statement of the code is faulty. 

Advantages of white box testing:

  • It helps in the elimination of extra lines of the code
  • It helps in optimizing the code
  • Having knowledge of the internal coding structure is prerequisite. Thus, it becomes easy to identify the type of data/input in testing the software application effectively.


If you want to learn the art of white box testing then enroll for the software testing training course with the Online Training Master. Here you will get an opportunity to learn and understand the whitebox testing. Further, working on live projects would help you gain a better and clear understanding of whitebox testing.

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