Swift Programming Training – Why Swift is Popular Among Programmers and Developers?


Swift Programming Language is intuitive and powerful. It is one of the most preferred languages among developers all over the world. It has the best of C and Objective-C for watchOS, iOS, tvOS, and OS X. It is effective as it can easily eliminate the constraints that come with C compatibility. Swift Programming Training lets you explore and understand the language so that you can start your career as a Swift developer. Opportunities are immense for such developers provided they have excellent skills and training.

Swift can become the de-facto programming language to create responsive, immersive, and consumer-facing applications for years to come. Comments include Markdown Syntax for adding embedded images and rich text that display in Xcode’s Quick Help. A new assistant displays your Swift API in a header-like view. New syntax features when combined with improvement to the Objective-C and Cocoa frameworks will make your code safer and more expressive.

In recent years, the Swift programming language has emerged as one of the most preferred and favorite tools of Software Developers. It has received widespread acceptance. Here we bring to you a few reasons that make the Swift language highly popular among developers across the globe.

Easier to Read

Objective-C has all warts that you can expect from a language built on C. To distinguish types and keywords from C-types, Objective-C introduced new keywords making use of the symbol. As Swift is not built on C, it unifies all the keywords and eliminates numerous@ symbols in front of every object-related keyword or Objective-C type. Swift does not have legacy conventions. Therefore, you do not require semicolons for ending parenthesis and end lines to surround conditional expressions inside else/ if statements.

It might surprise you but currently, 2.1 million swift developers are surpassing the number of Objective-C developers. Well, it is one programming language that is related to the highest salary packages in the world. Perhaps, this is one of the main reasons why an increasing number of developers want to Learn Swift Programming Language. Function and method-call in Swift make use of the industry-standard comma-separated list of parameters with parentheses. Consequently, you get a more expressive and cleaner language with simplifies grammar and syntax. The code of swift language resembles natural English along with other popular programming languages. This readability factor makes it easy for programmers from C++, JavaScript, Python, Java, and C## to adopt swift into their daily routine. Learning swift is not about getting into a new programming language.

It is Safe

Optional types make the chances of a nil optional value clear in Swift code. In other words, it can generate a compiler error as bad codes are written. This, in turn, creates a short feedback loop allowing developers and programmers to code with intention. Errors and issues can be fixed as code is written that reduces the amount of money and time that you will spend later on fixing errors and bugs. Unlike in Objective-C language, in Swift programming language, the optional value types and types make clear in the method of definition if the value has potential to be optional or if it exists that is the value might be nil or may exist.

To give predictable behavior, Swift triggers a run-time crash in case a nil optional variable is used. This type of crash provides consistent behavior that eases the bug-fixing procedure because it forces the developer for fixing the issue without any delay. The Swift run-time crash would stop on the line of code when it has a nil optional variable. This prevents errors in the Swift code.

It is Fast

The performance of the Swift code indicates the dedication of Apple to improve the speed at which Swift can run the app. These improvements also allowed Swift to outperform C++ for the Mandelbrot algorithm by a factor of 1.03. With the language for development and an optimized compiler for performance, it can generate faster code across the board, both for debugging and releasing builds. The Swift compiler is faster even at the time of adding Fix-it suggestions as to where you can make use of let instead of var.

A Future you can Influence

Objective-C language is not going anywhere, however, it will not see any major modifications, courtesy, the introduction of Swift. Some features would migrate over to Objective-C however its legacy in C means it can absorb so much. Swift language provides the development community a direct way for influencing a language for creating apps, devices like the Apple watch, and embedded systems (in case Apple ever licenses an embedded chip and framework for third parties).

Several reasons contribute to the popularity of the Swift programming language among developers. Writing Swift code is fun and interactive, apps run lightning-fast and the syntax is concise yet expressive. Swift has safer patterns for programming. It further adds modern features for making programming flexible, fun, and easier.

It is a known fact that Apple believes in providing the best consumer experience and builds only those features that are worthy of attention. The team supporting the evolution and the development of Swift is keen on improving the language for supporting the development community that builds systems and apps using Swift. If you are still thinking about Why To Learn A Swift Programming Language then better give it a second thought.

Your decision to enroll in the Swift Programming Training Course with an institute like Online Training Master gives you an opportunity and platform to get trained by the industry experienced experts. Putting in the right efforts at the right time can transform your career graph. Instead of wondering how to boost your career prospects as a developer or programmer, all you have to do is apply for a Short-Term Training Course like this. Having an additional certification as a Swift programmer can help you in taking your career to the next level. So, what are you waiting for? Enroll for Swift training and revive your career and professional life and take it to the next level.

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