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Time flies. As we are set to welcome yet another year, it is important to know about the tech trends that will help you stay in the competition. Ever-evolving technology demands you to have upgraded skills and knowledge so that you can walk the road to success. In the IT world, several programming languages are in high demand. However, one which tops the list is Swift. It is one language that has gained immense popularity in recent years. Swift Programming Classes bring you a step closer to the world of Swift programming language. Learning this language means looking for a promising job in this field.

It is a general-purpose, open-source programming language designed and developed by Apple. This language has become a favorite of developers in recent times because of its ease of usage. It is influenced by Python, making it intuitive ad fast. It is used for native macOS and iOS development. Several popular applications like WordPress, LinkedIn, and Lyft are written in Swift. If you are interested in iOS development, Swift is the best language to learn. Once you have earned an additional certification, you can experience the difference in your career growth.

Read on to know more about this language.

Let us start with what is Swift?

What is Swift?

It is an open-source, general-purpose, and multi-paradigm programming language for watchOS, macOS, iOS, iPad, and tvOS development. In the year 2014, Apple created this language to give developers worldwide a powerful and easy-to-learn language to design and develop iOS apps. As per swift.org, the language was developed to be expressive, fast, and safe. It is meant to be an alternative for C-based languages. The Swift language keeps evolving continually, and the community grows with it. The source code of Swift is found on GitHub, making it easy and fast for anyone to access the code.

Features of Swift

Memory Safety – The language automatically prevents unsafe behavior and manages memory in your code.

Powerful Generics – Generics allow developers to write flexible, reusable types and functions that can work with any type.

Protocol Extensions – It allows developers to define protocols themselves instead of individual conformances and global functions.

Native Error Handling provides support for manipulating, catching, throwing, and propagating errors at runtime.

Memory Management – With ARC – Automatic Reference Counting, Swift manages and tracks memory usage of our apps. in other words, we do not have to worry about memory management.

Debugging – Swift makes use of LLDB debugger that provides developers with debugger and REPL to enable consistent formatting, debugging, expression evaluation. And failure recovery.

Structs and classes – The language allows you to define a class or structure in a single file, and the external interface is made available for other code to work.

Source and Binary Compatibility – This latest Swift language version comes with binary compatibility for apps. Swift libraries are in every operating system release. Thus your apps will use the advanced version of the library in iOS, and code can run and function without recompiling.

Package Manager – The Swift package manager is a cross-platform tool used for building, testing, running, and packaging Swift executables and libraries.

Closure Syntax – It has a lightweight closure syntax with optimizations that allow a clear style and clutter-free syntax.

Tuples – Tuples allow developers to share and create value groupings. They are used for returning multiple values as a single value.

Flexible Enumerations – Swift enums can have payloads and support pattern matching.

Why should you learn Swift?

Swift was designed to be easy to use and learn. Apple-designed this language takes into account the needs of new coders. Even if you are in school and wish to learn to code and explore a new career path, Swift is the way to go. It was designed to be an intuitive and simple first language to understand and learn. If you are new to the world of coding, Swift Playgrounds is an iPad app making it easy to get started with this language.

Earning an additional certification as a Swift developer lets you gain better knowledge and understanding of this language. Once you have understood this language, you can be a potential candidate for employers. The demand for Swift developers is high. According to Apple, it has created nearly 2 million jobs in the United States. The salary for Swift developers is high. If you are keen to get into app development, Swift is a language to learn.

Here we bring to a few benefits of learning the Swift programming language.

Benefits of Swift Language

Easy to Learn – Swift was designed with amateur programmers in mind. To get started with Swift Code, you can use Swift Playgrounds for iPad. You can access different courses to learn and understand how to create Xcode apps.

Cross-Platform – It supports all Apple platforms, Ubuntu, Linux, and Windows.

Powerful and Fast – The language uses LLVM technology, and its library makes writing code efficient and intuitive.

Dynamic Libraries – They exist outside your code and are uploaded whenever there is a need. Libraries are included in the release of every device.

Modern – Swift APIs are easy to maintain and read. Inferred types make code less error-prone and much cleaner. Modules provide namespaces and eliminate headers.

Large Community – Swift programming language has one of the richest open-source and active communities in the world.

Safe – This language has several safety features such as variable initialization, automatic memory management, and value types. In Swift, objects are not nil, and the Swift compiler would stop if you used a nil object. These great features prevent runtime crashes.

Instead of wondering how to get started with the app development, just enroll in swift programming classes that are designed to polish and upgrade the skills of aspiring candidates. At Online Training Instituteyou will get trained by experienced professionals. A short-term course can help you understand Swift language, making it easy to find a steady job. With your decision to learn Swift, you can enhance your career graph and take it to the next level.

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