Six Reasons to Learn Ruby on Rails Online


In the present times, a career in IT is all about an attractive salary and steady growth. If you have technical knowledge, you can learn Ruby on Rails OnlineThose who want to have a steady career should be serious about registering for an online course that lets you get a glimpse into the world of Ruby on Rails. It is one of the most popular programming languages among developers and programmers worldwide. When you decide to learn this language, you can be assured of learning the skills that can give your career a much-required boost. It is a short-term course for aspiring RoR professionals.

If you have spent some time reading and understanding the Ruby Programming Language, the chances are that you might have heard the term ‘Ruby on Rails at some point. Knowing the benefits of this career can help you grow in your profession. are you still wondering – “Should I Learn Ruby On Rails”. The language is known for its incredible framework for developing websites. Undoubtedly, if you are interested in developing websites, learning Ruby on Rails is worth an investment.

Professional web developers know that learning any framework not only adds value to your career but also enhances and polishes your programming skills. Frameworks allow you to expand your knowledge and learn functions that you can use in coding for developing better websites.

If you are keen to work with Ruby language, Ruby on Rails is one of the best frameworks to start with. However, you might be thinking – why so much interest in Ruby on Rails? Reading further, you will explore the reasons to learn RoR.

A Strong Developer Community 

When it comes to an active community, the RoR has one of the most active communities of a programming language and framework. It has a group of followers who have successfully maintained the framework over the years. Frameworks with active communities have a high level of documentation.

With the growing popularity of Ruby on Rails, there is no shortage of coding boot camps, online guides and tutorials for Rails. You can easily find another RoR developer to help and guide you no matter what question you have.

The framework of Rails has been in development mode for more than a decade. It is possible because of the contribution from thousands of Ruby developers worldwide. There is more to it. The developer of the framework, David Heinemeier, works actively on it.

As per the 2019 Stack Overflow Developer Survey, Rails is considered the eleventh most popular framework globally. Developers love it.

Builds Great Web Applications

If you are interested in web development, having knowledge and understanding of using RoR is useful. The Rails framework comes with several shortcuts that allow developers to build websites effectively and quickly. In other words, you can use your prior knowledge to create functional and attractive applications for online users. Websites like Airbnb, Sendgrid, Github, Soundcloud, Shopify and Gumroad are developed using Ruby in Rails.

It is Full Stack

When you code, the possibility is that you will use more than one programming language. You might use HTML to design and define the structure of a page, JavaScript to create an interactive webpage, and CSS to add styles to a page.

Ruby is full-stack. In other words, you can build an application without having to worry about building back-end and front-end web applications. You can use JavaScript, HTML., and CSS inside Rails applications. Therefore, you do not have to develop a separate application to host the website’s front-end.

Easy to Understand

Do not confuse Ruby on Rails with Ruby Programming Language. It is a much easier language to work with. If you are learning how to code, the entire process can be intimidating as there are code lines everywhere, and you might still be trying to find out what they all mean. Thus, it is always best to start learning a framework or language that is easy to understand and use.

The syntax of RoR is simple, similar to the English language, and easy to read, making it a great language for amateurs and beginners. As the language is written using Ruby, it is easy to work with the Rails framework.

Apt For Beginners

Nothing can be compared to the dilemma of beginners who want to learn Ruby on Rails. Describing a framework “apt for beginners” might appear odd; it is the right way to explain that it is beginner-friendly. Ruby on Rails applications is written using the Ruby language. It comes with several interesting features designed to promote the programming language’s flexibility. For example, you do not have to worry about using Ruby tabs and spaces. Unlike languages such as javascript, you do not have to end the code lines with semicolons.

Also, RoR comes with in-built protections designed to implement features in a great way. While it might appear restrictive to many users, it helps in mastering the best practices in the framework. So, for amateurs, figuring out errors is easy, making it easy to improve your skills.

High in Demand Rails Skills 

As mentioned above, Ruby is one of the most popular programming languages making it a useful skill to learn in the development field. As per the TIOBE Index, the popularity of Ruby is growing at a fast pace. The average salary of skilled and trained developers is simply amazing. Learning RoR can open endless opportunities for your professional career. Having an additional certification as a Ruby on Rails developer, you can level up your career. Some leading companies use the Ruby on Rails language and framework. Even employers are willing to pay more than you can think.

To Sum Up

These reasons speak volumes about the popularity of Ruby on Rails. Learn Ruby on Rails with Online Training Master and get trained by industry experts who have years of experience working on this framework. Partner with us and learn the framework to boost your career prospects as a Ruby on Rails developer.

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