Seven Reasons to Enrol for Online Python Programming Course


Programming languages have been around for ages. Every decade has witnessed the launch of a new language that sweeps the developers off their feet. Though there are many programming languages, Python has caught the attention of developers all over the world. It is an in-demand and highly popular language. According to a recent Stack Overflow survey, Python has taken over languages such as C++, Java, and C and sits at the top. This has only added to the popularity of Online Python Programming CoursesIn this blog, you will explore the eight reasons to learn Python.

Speed, Versatility, Reliability, and Efficiency

Ask any Python developer, and they will happily agree that the language is faster, reliable, and efficient than other programming languages. It can be used in almost any type of environment, and there are no performance loss issues no matter what the platform is. Another best thing about the versatility of Python is that it can be used in different types of environments like hardware programming, desktop applications, web development, mobile applications, and many more. It is the versatility of this language that makes it more attractive because of its usage in a high number of applications.

Mature and Supportive Python Community

Python was created more than three decades ago which is plenty of time for any community of language to mature and grow for supporting developers ranging from experts to beginners. There is no dearth of Video tutorials, guides, and documentation for the users of Python language. Developers and learners of all ages and skills can receive and use the support needed for enhancing their knowledge and skills in Python language.

Several students are introduced to computer science only through this language that is the same language used for detailed research projects. The community supports and guides learners and students of data science.

If any language lacks documentation or developer support, their growth is limited. However, there is no such problem with this programming language. It has been around for a very long time. The Python community of developers is active and always around to provide help. In other words, even if someone has a problem with the Python language, they can easily get support and guidance from developers in the community. Getting timely assistance plays a key role in the project development that otherwise might lead to delays.

Support from Corporate Sponsors

Programming languages grow fast only when they get support from corporate sponsors. For instance, Java is backed by Sun and Oracle, PHP by Facebook, C#, and Visual Basic by Microsoft. When it comes to Python, it is heavily backed by Google, Amazon Web Services, and Facebook.

It was in the year 2006 that Google adopted Python language and has used it for many platforms and applications since then. Lots of money and institutional effort have been dedicated to the success and training of the Python language. They created a dedicated portal only for this language. The list of documentation and support tools is endless for Python in the world of developers.

Hundreds of Python Frameworks and Libraries

Because of its big supportive community and corporate sponsorship, python has simply great libraries that efforts and time on the initial development cycle. There are several cloud media services you can choose and save your offering cross-platform support through library-like tools that are of great benefit. Libraries with specific focus are available such as ntlk for scikit-learn or natural language for machine learning applications.

There are various libraries and frameworks available for Python language like:

  • Django for web development of server-side
  • BeautifulSoup for XML and HTML
  • Matplotib for plotting graphs and charts
  • NumPy for scientific computing
  • SciPy for science, engineering applications, and mathematics

Easy to use and learn

When it comes to Python, it is incredibly easy to learn and use for amateurs and beginners. It is one of the most accessible programming languages because it has simplified syntax and not complicated it. It emphasizes natural language. Because of its ease of usage and learning, Python codes can be easily written and implemented faster than any other programming language.

It was created by Guido Van Rossum in the 1980s. He designed it with the objective of keeping Python a general-purpose language. One of the primary reasons for the increasing popularity of this language is the simple syntax that makes it easy to read and understand even by an amateur developer.

It is also easy to experiment by modifying or changing the code base of Python because it is an interpreted language making it more popular among all kinds of developers.

The Flexibility of Python Language

Python is one of the most flexible languages that gives the developer a chance of trying something new. The person who has expertise in Python is not limited to building similar types of things but can also try to make something new and different. Python is one programming language that does not restrict the developers from developing any kind of application. This kind of flexibility and freedom by learning one language is not available in any other programming language.

Cloud Computing, Big Data, and Machine Learning

Big Data, Cloud Computing, and Machine Learning are some of the latest trends in the world of computer science right now. This helps lots of companies to improve and transform their workflows and processes.

Python language is the most popular used tool after R Language for data analytics and science. Many data processing workloads in the companies are powered by Python language. Research and development take place in Python because of its applications, including the ease of organizing and analyzing user data. There is more to it. There are hundreds of Python libraries used in thousands of machine learning projects such as OpenCV for computer vision and TensorFlow for neural networks.

To Conclude

Learning Python will boost your career prospects. The online python programming course offered by Online Training Master brings you closer to the world of this highly popular language. You will learn several skills that can help you fetch a promising job. So, do not think and delay the journey of a successful career. Just register for a Python training course online with us.

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