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The role of a Quality Analyst holds great importance to the overall process of software application development. No software application or program can be released into the market before being checked for the presence of code errors, viruses, bugs, and technical glitches, to name a few. If you want to tap the benefits of this promising and emerging profession then enrol for quality analyst training course with an institute like Online Training Master. The institute ensures that the aspiring candidates get the maximum exposure of this domain.

Why is certification as a quality analyst important?

  • In the present day economy, certification has become an extremely important tool to reach skilled and knowledgeable employee base.
  • Learning is an ongoing process. Certification helps professionals in refreshing their basic knowledge and also keep pace with the advanced techniques and processes.
  • It lets you get empowered with practical skills that you can use while on job.
  • It helps in bridging theoretical/educational gaps.
  • The curriculum focuses on the skills and knowledge that are needed in the professional world.


Positives of quality assurance certification

If you are new to the world of Software, quality assurance, world:

Gives you an edge over others

There is no doubt that real-time knowledge is important but it is the certification that gives you an edge over others. The majority of the professionals you might compete against for software testing jobs might not be certified. Thus, people who are certified will stand class apart from the crowd.

If you are seeking new job in the market – even though you have expertise in software testing of many years, chances are that you might have lost touch of several testing practices. If you want to fetch a new job in the market then an additional certification would help you go a long way.

Get your resume selected during initial phase of an interview

Most of the software development companies consider certification as important criteria in the initial screening of resumes. Having a foundation level certification would help a candidate at the time of interview.

Certification ensures that even if the candidate lacks experience in testing, she or has a basic understanding of testing knowledge and concepts of testing terminology. In most companies, initial screening is done by non-technical persons and a certification can make a lot of difference.

If you are an experienced quality analyst

If you are seeking growth in the same company – is not it good to stay ahead of competitors? In a similar way, it is always good to be perfect in what you do. This is exactly where certification comes into the picture as it gives you confidence. Certification ensures you know testing practices and knowledge. The basic advantage is that it lets the skilled testers to identify the defects with the right amount of time and effort.

In simple words, quality analyst training certification is a sure shot way to fetch a job in this field. Choosing Online Training Master lets you explore the concepts of software testing in the best possible way.

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