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Quality assurance is an activity that is done to ensure a desired level of quality in development, delivery of products and services. It aims to enhance the processes for delivering quality products and services to the customers. Its insistent is to save efforts, cost and time and also the standard of the product. As per the global research, every year Testing and Quality Assurance budgets are raised by 9 percent. This indicates the growing significance of hiring software testers or quality assurance professionals. Be it manual or automated software testing, the need to have such experts is indispensable. At Online Training Master, we strive to provide QA Training Modules that can fetch a well-paid job easily. We train candidates in achieving career and professional certification.

Each software is unique so are its standard, criteria, and purpose of development. Meeting these parameters is crucial for the best outcome of the product. The course Online Training Master provides include an understanding of testing approaches that can be easily incorporated into the software lifecycle so that easy-to-maintain and functional products and designed and delivered without compromising on the condition and grade of the software product. A great emphasis is placed on tests for finding and reporting bugs. Candidates will be able to learn how to decipher application of dynamic and static techniques, conduct audits and walk-through, perform boundary value analysis and create a quality analysis and test plan and organize test development processes.

You would be able to excel as well as apply the principles of any complexity, type, and size of the software-based business system. Online Training Master aims to enhance your skills in key testing concepts such as White Box/Black Box, Test Plan, Test Specification, Test Cases, Regression and Bug Reporting.  Our QA training modules let you understand the complex world of software testing in an easy way.

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QA Testing Online Training – Know About Software Quality, Quality Standard, and Role of Testing in QA!


Most working professionals know the significance of Quality Assurance In Software Testing. However, what most do not know is thatRead More QA Testing Online Training – Know About Software Quality, Quality Standard, and Role of Testing in QA!

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