Learn Quality Assurance – Why Its Important?

Learn Quality Assurance - Why Its Important - online training master

Why to Learn Quality Assurance :- In present times, our dependency on technology is increasing rapidly. No matter what we do, technology has an important role to play. It has just made our lives easier and simpler. When most people are busy with their careers, having access to the app can be a savior from several hassles. No longer you have to worry about leaving the comfort of your home to shop for groceries – a few taps and you will get it delivered right at your home. The same thing happens at work, computer software not only increases productivity but also saves time and the possibility of errors.

Having the entire world on the finger taps is something that has made our lives a lot easier. Even if you are miles away from your family, you can easily contact them within a few seconds. This has given an expansion to social networks making it possible to stay connected to loved ones, at least online, making video and audio calls, and sharing images with them. Yet again, you are sharing personal data and you do not want personal details to end-up in unknown and malicious hands.

There is so much we do with software apps and products. However, we have no idea how they work or function. It takes a lot of effort, time and hard work to build a software app. It becomes important for the companies to ensure the safety, privacy, and confidentiality of the client’s data. This is exactly where the role of quality assurance comes into play. 

Significance of quality in software testing

  • Processes include a range of activities including creating, designing, improving and managing the software.
  • Quality assurance is a planned and systematic set of actions that assures the process and products comply with the requirements, procedures, and standards. 
  • Products include the related software, data, documentation, and the reporting as well as supporting the network.
  • Procedures are the recognized principles to which the processes development, as well as control, are compared.
  • It encompasses the strategies to make sure the standards and procedures are formed and adhered throughout the development cycle.


With the growing dependency on software products, the importance of quality assurance in software testing is increasing rapidly. To learn quality assurance, you can now enroll with the Online Training Master and gear up for a career as a QA professional.

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QA Testing Online Training – Know About Software Quality, Quality Standard, and Role of Testing in QA!


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