The Important Tasks Of A Quality Assurance

The Important Tasks Of A Quality Assurance - Online Training Master

The significance of quality assurance is second to none. In the ever-evolving world of software development, the importance of checking a software program before releasing it to the end client or market is the most important thing. We all know that software apps are being used across the globe to make life easier and hassle-free. The role of a quality analyst is to make sure that the software product function efficiently and properly. This can include new software or the one that needs to be modified or upgraded. The main role of such a professional is to constantly improve the software applications and products, whereas also adhering to defined financial budgets and timelines. 

The scope for quality analysts is immensely provided they have the right knowledge and skills. If you are already working in this field and seeking better opportunities then enrolling for software testing online training course can help you go a long way. However, before you proceed to enroll for the training program, here is a quick glance at the important tasks and responsibilities of a quality analyst.

  • Offer and conduct services in a professional way.
  • Investigate and troubleshoot defects for in-house software products and applications.
  • Create a test strategy on the basis of project requirements and schedule.
  • Develop and implement test plans for document testing failures and functional application areas.
  • Record, analyze and determine problems with program output, function, online screen or content.
  • Certify quality level of applications from regression and functional testing perspective.
  • Inform test progress against schedules.
  • Record software defects and problems with the bug tracking system and report issues to software developers. 
  • Inform defects and problems found in testing using defect tracking tools.
  • Oversee program performance for problem-free and efficient operations.
  • Offer test summary report indicating quality attributes of software under test.
  • Conduct new regression and functionality tests, report and determines issues for follow-up.
  • Collaborate with field staff for diagnosing and assessing problems and suggesting possible solutions.
  • Interact with customer stakeholders, project management and development.
  • Determine program deviance from standards and recommend modifications to comply.


These are some of the many tasks that a quality analyst professional is responsible for.  At Online Training Master, we provide quality assurance training so that students can fulfill the tasks in an effective way. Give your career an edge over others by applying for online quality assurance course with us, rest assured you will achieve new milestones in your professional life.

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