How to Become a Python Developer – Explore the Tips to Become a Python Developer


IT professionals look for opportunities to help them take the right path to success. The present times are favorable for the growth of developers, testers, and programmers. There is immense scope for highly trained and skilled developers. Several programming languages are popular among them. Of all languages, Python has emerged as one of the most preferred languages among developers worldwide. The future of Python developers is promising. Instead of wondering How To Become A Python Developer, you should rather look for courses that can turn your dream into reality. An additional certification always boosts your prospects of finding a better job.

Before we read about how to become a python developer, let us find out what exactly Python is?

What is Python?

Python is a high-level programming language used to create and build websites, different applications, platforms, and different systems. It is object-oriented. Over time, many tech professionals are choosing this language to develop websites and apps.

Python often tops the list of developers and programmers in the software development field. It is believed that it will reach the top position in a few years. It is historical as, for the last two decades, only C and Java have been able to hold onto that position.

Python is the chosen language of developers because it is:

  • Integrated language
  • Simple
  • In-demand
  • Versatile

Coming back to the main question, how to become a Python developer? Read on to know.

Built Your GitHub Repository

Having a strong GitHub repository speaks volumes about your Python skills. Interviewing for the job of a Python developer is not easy. Recruiters can have a look at the developer platform directly rather than you are sending samples of your work in different zip files.

Do not forget to add your Python practice work and projects to your GitHub repository. Whether it is an existing code with some minor changes or just a simple code you wrote, every single piece of work counts.

Write Readable Code

Even though it is obvious, it needs to be mentioned. The code you write should be read and understood by others. You should be careful while writing one. Keep in mind that recruiters will review the code you write on GitHub. They should grasp and understand what you have done, or it might not work in your favor.

There is no need to worry. There are guidelines to write readable code, including PEP 8 style guidelines. Listed below are their recommendations by them.

  • String quotes
  • Maximum line length
  • Indentation
  • Naming conventions
  • Tabs and spaces
  • Trailing commas
  • Line breaks
  • White space in expressions
  • Source filing encoding.
  • Blank Lines

Proper Documentation

Learning the art of creating proper documentation is the key to Becoming A Python Developer. Always keep a README file within your GitHub repository. This file should include introductory information about the project – why libraries are used, what the project does, and many others. Such files are very useful for readers who want to try your code differently and want to learn from your code.

Learn Machine Learning and AI with Python

Learning a language is one thing. Practicing it is the other. Python has found its way to different applications, especially in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Make sure you learn algorithms in these areas and develop and implement projects using them. The more you learn about these skills, the better for you. It increases your value as a Python developer.

Read Books

Nothing can be compared to the benefits of reading books. Even experienced and skilled developers should stick to this technique of learning new things. You will always find something new about coding. The more you learn and know, the higher your confidence is.

Read code by other developers around your skill level

Each developer is different so are their styles of writing code. They have an organized and unique way of styling code. One of the best and time-tested ways of learning code style is observing other Python developers. Observe other codes that are the same as your skills to understand different coding styles.

Freelance Projects

Writing codes, practicing, and creating projects are not sufficient if you want to become an exceptional Python developer. Be open to freelance projects. Instead of running for money, focus on your skills. Whether they are unpaid or paid, having completed projects will help you go a long way in this career. There are several sites you can browse through to get freelance projects.

Open-Source Contributions

You can go through the repositories on GitHub and make necessary contributions to their projects. It is one practice that shows you are a team player. Adding value to the current work shows your contribution to the work done by other Python developers.

Grow and polish your Skillset

Growing Skillset is the most reliable way to improve your Python experience and stay competitive in this world. Along with reading books, you should explore other learning options as well. The more time you spend learning Python, the better for you. There are libraries to look forward to new learnings.

While learning all of the libraries would set you apart from the others, you can make great progress by mastering at least of them. Build new projects around what you learn In these libraries, and make sure you add them to GitHub so that the other community members can see them. This practice polishes your GitHub repository and allows you to retain new knowledge because the best way to remember new things is by starting using them immediately.

Keep your profile and resume updated on job portals

It is always good to have information updated on job portals like CareerBuilder, LinkedIn, Glassdoor, and Indeed. Look out for the role of Python developers on these platforms, and keep your resume updated so that recruiters can notice you.

These tips can do wonders to your career as a Python developer. If you are getting started in this field, worry not. Additional certification can boost your prospects of finding a job. You can learn skills by enrolling in a Python training course by Online Training Master. We are one of the leading institutes providing training to aspiring Python developers. Getting on board with us can make your learning easy. Our interactive Python training course provides you with the necessary insights to emerge as a successful developer. The course is an all-inclusive program that introduces to the world of Python and prepares you for the competitive world out there.

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