How To Add Zing To Your Curriculum Vitae (CV / Resume )

How To Add Zing To Your Curriculum Vitae - online training master

 Just like the perfect meal, the perfect Curriculum Vitae or resumes start with the blend of the right ingredients. Just as a classic and perfect recipe that provides a time-tested formula for mealtime success, there is a type of algorithm for creating an attractive and good resume. Throw in a dash of experience, add a crisp summary and go heavy on experience to add zing to your resume.


The first thing that provides a glimpse into your Curriculum Vitae (CV) is the summary. It should be crisp yet informative. Make sure that the summary has everything you have done so far in your career. A career summary is similar to the movie trailer. It is exactly where you highlight upfront the most crucial things about you.

This part of the Curriculum Vitae (CV) has to be a brief paragraph, approximately three to five sentences, showing the value by highlighting the skills and big career wins. Instead of writing it as a ‘summary’, use a headline encapsulating your credentials. 


Unless you have a skill section, how can you tell the prospective employer about your abilities? Every Curriculum Vitae (CV) should have a skills section appearing below your summary, in bulleted columns. Try to make things easy for the employer. It gives employers a way to skim through the Curriculum Vitae (CV) to see you have the skills and knowledge they are looking for. However, it should be focussed on a job for which you are applying.

Make sure your resume has the right keywords so that it is optimized for ATS -Application Tracking System- that is used by employers for screening job applications. You can look at the job postings to find out the key skills an employer is seeking

Professional Experience

Well, it goes without saying that it is the meat of every Curriculum Vitae (CV) yet many job seekers often make this mistake of listing their job duties. Focus on accomplishments instead of your day-to-day tasks and responsibilities. Make sure that your resume does not appear like a job posting. 

In a nutshell, your resume should be attractive, crisp and informative. You want the employer to know about your capabilities and abilities and how you can contribute to the organization. 

At Online Training Master, we not only job-train our candidates but also ensure that your resume is par industry standards. 


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