Gray Box Testing – What is it?

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Gray Box Testing is the technique for testing software applications. As the name indicates, it is done using an effective combination of both the Black Box Testing and White Box Testing technique. This is a great way to test the software application.

The White Box Testing means that the quality assurance professional is aware of the internal structure of code however the black box tester does not necessarily know about the internal structure of the code. When it comes to white box testing, the tester should be aware of the programming language. GrayBox Testing is done using the combination of black and white box testing. In this technique, the tester knows about the few parts of the internal structure. Translucent testing and gray box testing are the same things.

To design the test cases, software tester should know about structures and internal code. The tester creates the test cases based on the knowledge of the algorithms and internal code followed by the test of the application without requiring internal code in the process, on the black box level. Usually, Graybox testing is useful in penetration testing and integration testing. With this type of testing, the front end and code part can be tested. It is termed as Gray box testing because tester cannot see inside the box however can have a partial look.  

In Gray Box Testing, software tester has knowledge of limited code access and using this knowledge and awareness, the test cases are designed and the software application under the test is treated as a black box and QA professionals test the application from outside. Make sure that you do confuse Gray and White Box testing because in the Graybox testing tester does not have complete knowledge of the same. Moreover, GrayBox Testing is not Black box testing as the tester has some knowledge of the internal structure of the code. Thus, the Gray Box Testing method is used when some a tester has some knowledge of the internal structure however not in detail. 

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