Some Basic Traits Of A Good Quality Analyst

Some Basic Traits Of A Good Quality Analyst - online training master

Surviving competition in the field of software testing and quality analysis is not at all easy. You need to be a good quality analyst to fetch a well-paying job. The best way to learn software testing is by enrolling for a quality assurance training program that job prepares you for the same. At Online Training Master, we strive to help candidates understand the traits that can make you a great software tester.

Excellent Communication Skills

Software testers must have excellent communication skills so that there is no misunderstanding between the client and the software development. The client requirements and specifications are gathered at the starting of the project. You should be able to understand and clear your doubts. 

Be Skeptical

Do not believe that the build given by the software development team is free from bugs and code errors. Question everything. The more questions you would have, the better would be testing. Accept the build if you conduct the test and find it free from issues. Instead of believing anyone, apply your knowledge and skills to detect the errors. You have to adhere to this until the last and final phase or stage of the software development lifecycle.

Set priority

Until you are organized and have clarity, you cannot achieve the desired goal. A good software tester is always organized. He or she should be able to prioritize test cases and features that are to be tested. He or she must be able to prioritize other activities for achieving desired testing goals.

Think from the users’ point of view

Every product is developed for the end-users. And, the end users might or might not be technical persons. If you will not conduct testing from the user’s perspective then you may end up missing several bugs and technical glitches. So, be in the users’ shoes at the time of testing. Prepare test scenarios and test the data with users in mind. Remember, the success of the project depends entirely on the ability of the users to use applications successfully.

These are a few traits that make you a good quality analyst professional. Learn all these and more traits by enrolling for a quality analyst training program with Online Training Master.

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